De Phillippi storms to victory at wet Zandvoort

Connor De Phillippi and Montaplast by Land Motorsport celebrated their first ADAC GT Masters victory of the 2017 race season in treacherous rain conditions at Circuit Park Zandvoort (22-23.07). The team from Germany was the dominant squad during the race, and with a safety car in the final 8 laps of the race it allowed De Phillippi a final chance to plot an attack for the win. When the green flag waved for the final restart, it was a late braking move into turn 1 that catapulted the #1 Audi R8 LMS into the lead which could not be touched until the checkered flag flew.

Californian-born De Phillippi, who now races for Land Motorsport full-time around the global, emphasized that this victory was a key point scoring weekend that was needed in the season to reignite their title fight

“Up until this point in the season we have scored a few podiums, but we have no had the most dominant car We’ve been focused on being mistake free and waiting for our opportunity to shine. With the rain we had today, it allowed us as drivers to shine through and make our magic happen. I’m extremely happy to het a win at the halfway point in the season and now we will aim to do the same at the Nürburgring in August.”

“We will be going to the Nürburgring with nothing less than a race victory as our primary goal.

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