About Connor

Full Name: Connor De Phillippi
Hometown: San Clemente, California, USA
Born: 25 December 1992
Siblings: 1 Brother: Anthony
Education: San Clemente High School


At the age of 4, Connor wasn’t asking for a Tonka Truck or a Matchbox car, his toy came with a real engine and tires that needed changing. After seeing a neighborhood boy driving a go-kart on his street, he knew he needed to have one of his own. On his 5th Birthday Connors dream came true, when his grandfather got him his very own Tony Kart with a 50cc Comer engine. His foot hit the accelerator for the first time and hasn’t let off since.

Connor comes from a family with a racing background. One of his grandfathers raced airplanes, the other raced boats; his father raced motorcycles and his uncle a 5 Time World Champion Offshore boat racer and World Champion motorcycle racer. The need for speed is in his blood. When he isn’t racing, he is watching ESPN or the SPEED channel to keep up on his favorite drivers.

Connor first started out practicing at a local track on the weekends to get seat time and learn about his new kart. After a few months he was ready to enter his first race. During the first few years of racing Connor raced mostly at club races. He then moved up to IKF where there was tougher competition and he raced on different tracks.

Connor played other sports besides racing for about 5 years, he played baseball as a pitcher, catcher and shortstop, and he also played soccer and took Tae Kwon Do classes. Eventually Connor had to make a choice, between baseball and racing. His passion was racing and his dream is to become a professional race car driver.

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